Chinas Manufacturing Activity Expands Unexpectedly in November ’19

Chinas Manufacturing Activity Expands Unexpectedly in November ’19

According to Vision Markets’ analyses, China’s industrial manufacturing sector accounted for around 30% of the global turnover with Machine Vision components in 2018. This year’s decline in China’s production output hit many Machine Vision players severely.

Yet, a privately polled PMI by Caixing and Markit indicated an unexpected expansion of Chinese manufacturing activities in November 2019 with a reading at 51.8. PMI values above 50 indicate an expansion, below 50 indicate a contraction.

Chinas official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) also showed China’s manufacturing activity expands more than expected. Its reading of 50.2 is the highest in 8 months and indicates a positive trend regarding new orders, production volume, and employment.

China Manufacturing PMI is calculated by state statistics bodies based on a monthly survey of purchasing managers from 3000 Chinese manufacturing companies.

The questionnaire includes 13 questions about business condition aspects in the past month like:

  • production volume
  • the number of new orders
  • supplier deliveries
  • expectations for production
  • and business activity for the next 6 months.

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