Stronger Brand

Stronger Brand

Machine Vision is still a strongly technology-driven B2B market. Marketing budgets are relatively low, even at large players. Thus, brand building in Machine Vision is possible at very low cost also for SMEs. With moderate investments, your brand can be built up within a few months in Europe and North America. There, you can reach your target group effectively through well-established traditional and modern media channels.

Vision Markets provides the full service range to make sure your brand gets recognized among target customers groups:

Step 1: Know yourself and your target customers

Machine Vision Consulting Goals Stronger BRand B2B Marketing Seo Brand image sales name recognition

Before we start building your brand, let’s make sure, you have a clear picture, what brand image you want to create. This brand image shall attract your current customers and employees as well as your future customers and employees. In the course of our Corporate Identity workshop series, we will identify such brand image. It is primarily painted by your corporate mission, vision, and values. Once the target image is clear, we analyze the gap between your current and your targeted public appearance.

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Step 2: Build trust

Machine Vision Consulting Stronger Brand building Trust Social Media Marketing Corporate Design

Trust is the basis for every business. In Machine Vision, the final systems, e.g. full production lines, are costing millions and sometimes producing goods worth billions. Here, building trust is the number one priority in your go-to-market strategy. Trust is earned through clarity, consistency, and repetition. We make sure, your company’s mission, your mission, and your values are communicated clearly. We make sure, your website, social media profiles, email newsletters, and ads transport a consistent message in language, content, and design. At the same time we take care that your brand promises match the actual capabilities of your organization.

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Step 3: Communicate

Machine Vision Consulting Stronger Brand communicate Social Media Marketing Content Distribution Creation

Brand recognition at your target customers derives from repeated communication with them. Many communication channels are free of charge: website, social media, email. In the race for attention, valuable content is king. Each of the content writers in the Vision Markets Experts’ Network has a sound background in Machine Vision. Content Writing to Content Distribution, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Digital and Print Advertisement – Vision Markets is your full-service PR-Agency to make sure your target customers do know your brand before you call them. We free your internal resources and get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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