Distribution of Marketing Content

Distribution of Marketing Content

Creating marketing content with great text, beautiful graphics, or engaging videos is nice… However, 50% of the magic lies in the effective distribution of the marketing content via all available channels, most of them being free of charge:

Marketing Channels

  • Trade media – There are over 200 trade media channels worldwide dedictaed to machine vision or one of its target markets. Depending on your the target customer group of your offering it is important to know and utlize the right media that reaches your target audience via print and online. Online publications are also extremely helpful to grow your number of backlinks and thus the SEO performance of your website.
  • Social Media – Also in B2B marketing there is no way around social media platforms like LinkedIn, Xing, and Twitter, today. End of 2018, LinkedIn had 500m registered users of which 104m were active daily. While LinkedIn is by far the leading B2B network globally, Xing is quite strong in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) which is one of the core markets of Machine Vision products. Twitter is still the #1 information source for journalists and trend scouts while just the pure mass of 2.38 active billion Facebook users every month is an audience you don’t want to miss.
  • Blog – What marketing channels are easier to handle than your own? Having a blog on your website is highly beneficial to your SEO performance as it shows search engines like Google that your page is alive and well maintained with fresh content.
  • Email newsletter – Despite all data privacy regulations, your own email newsletter is still usable and – thanks to the regulations – more powerful than ever, once you have subscribers. Email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to personally engage with your customers and prospects. Building the subscriber list and providing highly relevant content is the key to turn prospects into customers and ensure the loyalty of your existing clients.

Depending on your marketig goals and the content you want to distribute, different channels are more appropriate that others. For example, a post about your in-house soccer team winning a competition for charity might go viral on Social Media and build your brand while a customer success story could become a great lead generator from trade media publications

Your Benefits from Working with Vision Markets

  • Maximum reach – We established direct relations to over 200 hand-picked editors of trade media channels worldwide. Some media are dedicated to Machine Vision, however, most others are focussing on application areas of machine vision, such as factory automation, logistics, traffic, life sciences, security, entertainment, research, etc.. We make sure your content gets published in the media that reaches your target audience via print and online. Such online publications are also extremely helpful to grow your number of backlinks and thus the SEO performance of your website.
  • Effective Social Media Marketing – Success on Social Media takes more than creating nice company profiles and publishing content on them. Social media marketing is one of our core offerings since the very beginning in 2014. So lets make sure you do not waste time and money but use social media wisely. Let us make a difference for you by continuously researching the most relevant hashtags, groups, and influencers on the different platforms.
  • Free internal resources – We are taking care of the Public Relations of dozens of Machine Vision companies. Thus, we have all the tools, contacts, and data in place to distribute your content individually and effectively. Instead of investing your own resources on such labor-intensive tasks, let your team focus on other priorities.

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