Market Studies

Market Studies

How well did your Machine Vision company perform against the market trends?

Which industries, which regions, and which Machine Vision applications should your Marketing and Sales focus on?

Which technologies should your Research & Development look into?

Those utmost important questions are better not answered just by educated guesses but rather based on profound analyses of the relevant markets and trends.

Market studies have always been a core offering by the Machine Vision consultants of the Vision Markets Network.

Here is an excerpt of our work on market analyses:

  • Quantitative Market Study on High-end Cameras for Fluorescence Imaging with Scientific CCD and sCMOS Sensors
    Primary and secondary research on the annual quantities of cameras for fluorescence imaging. The camera and sensor makers in focus were Hamamatsu, Teledyne Photometrics, Andor Technology, PCO, Teledyne Lumenera, Ximea, Gpixel, Sony, and Fairchild Imaging
  • Trends in Machine Vision, Surveillance, and Mobile Phone Markets
    Quantitative market performance report with a focus on key players in Machine Vision and key players in target markets of Machine Vision such as Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Automotive, and Food.
  • The State of the Art in High Dynamic Range Imaging in Automotive
    Technology study of traditional approaches to High Dynamic Range imaging versus technologies used in the latest automotive image sensors of Sony, ON Semiconductor, OmniVision, and ST Microelectronics.
  • The Future of Image Sensors for Machine Vision to 2022
    Quantitative market study about the market development for Machine Vision image sensors based on primary and secondary research.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Image Sensors to 2023 – a State of the Art Report
    Technology market study about the state of the art and key technology challenges of image sensors for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Image sensor types covered visual, near-infrared, night-vision, and LiDAR.
  • Comparative Study on the Market Positioning of Machine Vision Software Library OEMs
    Study based on a customer voice survey and desk research.
    Privately contracted by an industrial investor, 2019
  • The state of the art in Low Light Imaging
    Technology study on today’s performance of InGaAs sensors for SWIR imaging as well as alternative sensor technologies.
    Privately contracted by mobile phone OEM, 2018
  • Market potential of low-cost alternatives to InGaAs sensors
    Technology study on the performance and market readiness of alternatives to InGaAs sensors in conjunction with a quantitative estimation of the market potential of low-cost alternatives to InGaAs
    Privately contracted by a corporation in material science, 2018
  • VCSEL Based 3D Imaging – Applications, Technologies, Key Players
    Technology study on technology trends, consumer and industrial applications, and key players in the field.
    Privately contracted by foundry, 2018

Project Outline

Step 1: Forming Hypotheses

At our market studies, we want to make sure that our analyses and your expectations are perfectly aligned. Thus, before we start, we need to understand the decisions you want to draw based on our work, and the questions you would like to answer. Furthermore, we will be developing hypotheses together with you, which our research is aimed to confirm or disprove.

Step 2: Pre-Research

In this phase, we pull together all knowledge at hand from our internal databases, resources, and the experts in our network. This preliminary analysis already provides the first insights. Based on this, we can judge if we are on the right track, i.e. if the hypotheses of step 1 are valid and if all relevant aspects are sufficiently covered.

The results of this phase are reported back to you so you can request further adjustments to the project scope.

Step 3: Comprehensive Research

Our consultants will tap into our various sources of information and bring them in relation. Depending on your required level of detail and certainty, this can go very deep and thorough, or rather high-level.
As a result, we will offer you a digital report, a Powerpoint presentation with an executive summary, and an interview/workshop with the lead consultant of your project.

Rest assured that your identity, your research query, and the results of our research remain fully confidential with Vision Markets.

Machine Vision Components Quantitative Market Report

For a quantitative estimate of the machine vision market size by segment, region, and application area, take advantage of our Machine Vision Components Quantitative Market Report. The market research team around our CEO, Dr.-Ing. Ronald Müller, leverages the insights from Vision Markets’ consulting offerings and combines them with first-hand input from a global network of more than 600 industry insiders that has been built up over 20 years.

Your Benefits from Working with Vision Markets

  • Broad spectrum – There is at least one technology expert for almost every subject in the Vision Market Network, from wafer-level semiconductors to camera connectivity, from optics to machine vision algorithms.
  • Profound results – Based on the high expertise of our consultants and our internal knowledge base, we can make sure that your analyses are based on the best information available.
  • Efficiency – Over the last 5 years, Vision Markets conducted over a dozen of market studies. From quantitative forecasts of global market sizes to in-depth technology analyses and from Machine Vision over Security applications to Automotive Vision. It would be our pleasure to have you benefit from the gathered knowledge.

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