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Machine Vision is a complex high-technology. Engineers, marketers, and salesmen in this field need to understand optics, semiconductors, electronics, mechanics, software, and algorithms. Equally, the target markets of Machine Vision are multi-facetted over dozens of industries with countless applications. Thus, candidates with a solid understanding of the core technologies and target applications are rare.

At Vision Markets, we know the Machine Vision technologies, the market, and the methods of successful recruitment.

Why choosing Vision Markets as your partner in Recruitment

Candidates with a Machine Vision background benefit from our fast understanding of their skills, experiences, and motivations. With our global network of executives among Machine Vision players, our recruitment consulting team identifies the optimal career path and best-matching employer.

Machine Vision companies trust in Vision Markets as their partner for finding the best talents, professionals, and executives that can create a competitive advantage for their business.

Career consulting

Machine Vision is a complex high-technology provided by a scattered supplier market and applied in thousands of applications, globally. By default, everyone who once gathered experience in this market does not want to leave it anymore. The career opportunities for great candidates are endless, which

Recruitment of Candidates for Machine Vision

Benefit from our technical know-how, market expertise, and methodological competence in Machine Vision and recruitment. We support you with finding talents, professionals, and executives for positions e.g. in Sales, Marketing, and Engineering.

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