Career consulting

Career consulting

Machine Vision is a complex high-technology provided by a scattered supplier market and applied in thousands of applications, globally. By default, everyone who once gathered experience in this market does not want to leave it anymore. The career opportunities for great candidates are endless, which is why career consulting by industry experts can be especially valuable.

At Vision Markets, our free-of-charge Career Consulting constitutes the core of our recruitment services for the global Machine Vision industry. We offer it to excellent talents, professionals, and executives, who are open for the next step on their career path. They benefit from the Machine Vision technology and market expertise of the coaches in the Vision Markets Network.

Employers know: Top candidates do not apply for vacant job offers, because they know they will be found. Sometimes job profiles are even designed for real high-flyers. We jointly identify the optimal job role for your next career step that fits your career level and skills. Hence, we provide you with direct access to the deciders of employers whose corporate work culture is matching with your personality.

How we work

During the first interview, we elaborate on your technical know-how, methodological competencies, but also and foremost your motivational drivers, ethical values, and personal wishes.

Seeing your potential, we optimize the format of your CV and jointly identify role descriptions that match your ambitions and skills.

  • What type of role would enable you to build on your experience?
  • Where can you develop your potential?
  • What is an appropriate salary to ask for?
  • What type of business model should your new employer run and where shall it be located?

Hence, our market experts are screening our network of successful Machine Vision players for matches between your personality and their corporate culture. After your approval, we introduce your anonymous short profile to the deciders of those players and identify job opportunities which are in most cases not publicly announced.

Once your potential new employer expresses his interest in your profile, we manage and support you during the entire hiring process.

Your Benefits

  • You are coached by Machine Vision experts who quickly understand your experiences and competencies in imaging.
  • Efficient identification of your hard and soft skills based on several thousands of interviews held by our recruitment consultants during their own careers.
  • Expert advice on suitable types of roles available at Machine Vision market players worldwide.
  • Protected confidentiality and anonymity of your profile and your ambitions regarding a change of jobs.
  • Individual matchmaking of your personality, motivations, and the corporate culture of our employers.
  • Access to the deciders in Sales, Marketing, R&D, Purchasing, Product Management, and on C-level of attractive employers worldwide.

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