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SEO update: The top 10 machine vision camera brands in Q1/2024

Vision Markets’ SERP report sees Flir consolidate its leadership and confirms the rise of a new top domain for the “machine vision camera” keyword.

Vision Markets opens new Marketing and Communications entity

Leading business consultancy in the machine vision market strengthens its marketing consulting division with a dedicated legal entity. Jean-Philippe Roman becomes managing director and partner.

SEO update: The top 10 frame grabber brands in Q4/2023

The Q4/2023 update of our Search Engine Ranking Position Report for CoaXPress frame grabbers shows a relatively stable ranking of all top players, but also one drop-off and one interesting newcomer.

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision software brands in Q4/2023

In Q4/2023, the five top-ranking domains for machine vision software remain pretty stable, while we see much more volatility in the lower end of the chart. One top player disappears from the top 10 altogether.

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision light brands in Q4/2023

Vision Market’s Search Engine Ranking Position report for machine vision light shows a relative stability among the top players between Q3 and Q4/2023.

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision lens brands in Q4/2023

For the keyword “machine vision lens”, our Q4/2023 report shows the surge of one specific brand that was not even in the top 10 back in August 2023.

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision camera brands in Q4/2023

The Q4/2024 update of Vision Markets’ SERP report shows a stable domination of the top players but also a few surprises in December.

Vision Markets supports Eigen Innovations in business model shift

“Vision Markets did a fantastic job understanding our objectives and helping us strategize how to achieve them”, says Erin Barrett, CEO of Eigen Innovations

How to use holiday greetings to build brand awareness

Holiday greetings are a great way to add a human and personal touch to your marketing, even if you don’t have the budget to create those multimillion-dollar ads that big consumer brands produce every year for the holiday season.

SEO: What are the best-ranking frame grabber brands?

At Vision Markets, we monitor the search engine performance of machine vision keywords as an indicator of the strength of vendors’ brand. For frame grabbers, it is necessary to narrow the search down with a long-tail keyword such as “CoaXPress frame grabber”.

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