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Redefining your Post-Corona Sales Strategy in a 1-day Team Workshop

With the full support of your team, you will be able to emerge as a winner out of any economic crisis. Therefore, now is the time to take a step back and develop a clear view for the next months to be proactive, strategic, and get ahead.

4 Good Reasons for Content Marketing in your Customers’ Language

Market leaders in Machine Vision are hosting their website in up to 10 languages. What is the reasoning behind and what may you consider when translating your marketing content into the language of your target customers.

8 Tricks to Increase the Effect of your Press Releases in Machine Vision

How do you get the editors' attention so that they share your message with the target audience? Here are our boosters for effectiveness!

Poll Results: Is it Still too Early for Trade Shows and Conferences?

How will trade shows and conferences be received by visitors in Q4 2020? Can exhibitors expect sufficient traffic of prospects on their booths? To answer these questions, Vision Markets has conducted a poll among the imaging community.

The Top-3 Brands of Machine Vision Component OEMs per 5 Categories

Learn about the top-3 machine vision component OEMs in cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, lighting, and software. The market intelligence team of Vision Markets is providing benchmark analyses on their SEO, language localization, and social media.

6 Reasons why now is the time to invest in digital marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting machine vision companies from all levels of the value chain. The time is now - while the crisis still lasts - where it is decided who will be a winner or a loser once the economic upswing arrives.

How to Split the Global Machine Vision Market in Economic Regions

For sales performance reporting, market analyses, and forecasts the following scheme of economic regions turned out to be adequate for most businesses in Machine Vision

6 Typical Customer Groups in Machine Vision

There are six typical customer groups in the machine vision value chain: Components OEMs, Device OEMs, Machinery OEMs, End-Users, System Integrators, and Distributors. You can use this as a reference for your business analysis or strategy development project.

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