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How to use holiday greetings to build brand awareness

Holiday greetings are a great way to add a human and personal touch to your marketing, even if you don’t have the budget to create those multimillion-dollar ads that big consumer brands produce every year for the holiday season.

SEO: What are the best-ranking frame grabber brands?

At Vision Markets, we monitor the search engine performance of machine vision keywords as an indicator of the strength of vendors’ brand. For frame grabbers, it is necessary to narrow the search down with a long-tail keyword such as “CoaXPress frame grabber”.

SEO: What are the top-ranking machine vision software brands?

The expected big names in the industrial field are present. Interestingly, we don’t see as much fluctuation from one month to the other compared to other segments like machine vision cameras or lenses. The top 10 players have a relatively stable performance.

SEO: What are the top-ranking machine vision light brands?

At Vision Markets, we monitor the performance of our clients and their competitors on Google Search for their target keywords. The Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) is a good indicator of the strength of a brand on a specific market segment. Who were the top players in Q3/2023?

SEO: What are the top-ranking machine vision lens brands?

One key KPI of the strength of a brand is the ranking of its website in organic search results on Google, the so-called SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). What are the top-ranking brands for machine vision lenses?

SEO: What are the top-ranking machine vision camera brands?

A high ranking for a given keyword is a good indicator of the strength of a brand in a given market segment. We monitor trends on key segments of the vision market and the results are sometimes surprising, as below example of the keyword “machine vision camera” shows.

Do’s and don’ts on social media in the vision industry

How is social media used in the vision industry? What are the best practices for a successful social media strategy?

How to maximize media coverage at trade shows

A trade show is not only a platform to meet new potential customers and business partners. It is also a great way to get coverage from the media. Here are 8 tips on how to maximize media coverage for your company.

How to maximize return on your trade show investment

Participating in a trade show is always a heavy investment. But if you do your marketing homework, you can get much more out of this investment than just a successful show. Here is how you can get more ROI before, during and after the show.

Vision marketing expert Jean-Philippe Roman joins Vision Markets network

Vision Markets has further expanded its team in response to the growing demand for support with brand building and lead generation. Jean-Philippe Roman now overlooks the MarCom Consulting business of Vision Markets.

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