Digital and Print Advertisement

Digital and Print Advertisement

Different sizes of target groups and types of your offerings call for different advertisement strategies. Each strategy needs to be evaluated in the dimensions of overall cost, cost per impression, cost per website visitor, and finally cost per customer lead. If your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is properly connected to your website analytics, the return of investment (ROI) of your advertising campaigns can be calculated. Please contact us for further details hereon. Branding campaigns will put a higher priority on cost per impression while lead generation campaigns rather focus on the cost per lead or ROI.

Picking the Right Channels

Search Engines

If you want to address a large target group where just a few have an actual demand for your offering at a single point in time, search engine advertising is the most effective way. Only customers who are currently searching for what you provide, react to your ads and you only pay when they do react. The key to success with Google Ads lies in minimizing the bounce rates (target <50%) and in selecting the right key phrases, negative key phrases, and ad descriptions. As part of our services in online marketing, we ensure that the landing page of the ad is motivating the visitor to further browse your offerings and make contact with you.

Social Media

On the other hand, Social Media platforms like LinkedIn and Xing provide amazing opportunities to target your ads very precisely on your a group of people that can be characterized by the industry and size of their employer, as well as their career level, title, skills, etc.. Thus, it is possible to create ads and content that is specifically targeted on e.g., quality engineers with experience in machine vision in pharma working in Germany with companies larger than 1000 employees.

Trade Media

The traditional way of advertising in trade media channels is well suited if there is a great match between your target group and the audience of the media channel. Beware, if your target group is just a small subset of the media channel audience, your money will not have the desired effect at all the others. The selection of the right trade media, as well as the right channel (print vs. email newsletter ad vs. website ad), decides about the effectiveness of your campaign. We are more than happy to support your herein. Please also view our continuously expanding overview of trade media channels for Machine Vision and its target markets.

Your Benefits from Working with Vision Markets

  • Effective Google Ads – We ensure that your Google Ads show minimal bounce rates (target <50%) by selecting the right key phrases, negative key phrases, and lies in the The Vision Markets Network holds web developers, experienced SEO consultants making sure that your website is perfectly set up to rank high.
  • Highly Targeted Social Media Ads – Vision Markets has a track record of successful lead generation campaigns on social media thanks to our expertise in targeting campaigns individually to each target group.
  • Success with Trade Media Ads – With an overview on over 200 trade media channels worldwide, you can be sure to put your marketing dollars on the right channel or use it elsewhere if no adequate channel exits.

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Creation of Marketing Content

"Content is King" - it effectively positions your company as the go-to-expert at your target customers. Let's make high-quality marketing content the base of your brand building and business development activities.

Distribution of Marketing Content

Let's make sure your high-quality marketing content gains maximum reach, e.g. on trade media, blogs, and email newsletters. We have established direct relations to over 200 hand-picked editors of trade media channels worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a high-tech B2B area like Machine Vision, the approaches of traditional SEO do not lead to success. We got your back, from the SEO fundamentals to the fine art of making it into the top 3 results.

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