Better offerings

Better offerings

What is an offering? A product or a service or a combination of both.

What makes a good offering? They sell with high margin, involve low risk, are quickly scalable, and easy to defend against competition.

Can you have all those four characteristics at the same time? Likely not… When we design an offering together with our clients, we try to set the focus according to the company’s strengths, opportunities, and its strategy.

We are happy to support you with developing the most effective short-term and/or the most promising long-term strategy based on your current portfolio and resources.

Step 1: Know Yourself

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Whether you want to optimize one special offering or your entire portfolio – it always starts with knowing your company and your business.

We help you identify your strengths in technical development, operations, and market access, map them to market opportunities, and prioritize in light of the business potential and threats.
Our external view with reference to all our various clients and partners worldwide provides a profound evaluation of a company. Additionally, great value comes from our Customer Voice Surveys which bring up how your company is perceived from a client’s perspective.

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Step 2: Know your Customers

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What’s the best offering without paying customers? Not worth a penny.
Let’s discover how your customers see your company, your products, and your services – and how you compare to your competition. We are unbiased and strictly honest, yet always seeing the strengths and thinking in solutions.

With our deep insights into various industries, applications, and customer types, we contribute our knowledge about customer requirements. We further developed a method to capture and rate the requirements of your customers quantitatively. This involves the current and expected turnover per customer type. Thus, our method allows for data-driven prioritization of target customer groups and decisions about your alignment to their needs.

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Step 3: Know your Market(s)

Machine Vision Consulting know your markets region sector business target copetitive markets

Once you are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as well as your preferred customer groups and their needs, your offerings should be optimized for their target markets.

How does your business case look like? How much do you have to invest and what is shall be the return in which time frame?

Quantitative and qualitative market analyses by products, regions, sectors, or applications provide you with the required data to answer the questions above.

Equipped with profound data about your business, customers, and target markets, we are well set to design your offerings for optimal success and healthy growth of your enterprise.

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