Creation of Marketing Content

Creation of Marketing Content

“Content is King” – and this is still true, although tons of blog-post, magazine articles, case studies, white papers, newsletters, and other content is created today even in Machine Vision. Content is highly effective to position your brand as the go-to-expert at your target customers. Content makes prospects aware of your offerings, content creates trust in your capabilities, content inspires customers to get in touch with you – content is the start of your Business Development.

Targeted to your Audience

Since marketing content of billions of words is created and flooding your audience every day, it is increasingly hard to get the attention of your target customers. Thus, also in Machine Vision, successful Content Marketing requires the creation of marketing content that is extensively focussed on a specific target group.

As a typical example, you can publish the product release of your new machine vision camera by promoting its resolution, frame rate, size, interface, etc.. This way, the impact will be minimal.

Yet, with just a bit more effort, you can tweak your content to each major target group, such as system integrators in robotics or medical device OEMs. To do so, it is often sufficient to adjust the headline and the teaser paragraph specifically to each target group and promoting product features that meet their requirements. In combination with an equally targeted distribution of the marketing content, your impact at your audience, click rates, conversion rates, and the number and value of incoming sales leads are massively increased.

All you Need – Texts, Designs, Presentations, and Videos

At Vision Markets, we create different types of content, such as texts, graphics, presentations, and videos. Hence, we happily write your press releases, magazine articles, white papers, case studies, blog posts, and social media posts.

There are six copywriters in the Vision Markets Network. Each of them has a track record in Machine Vision, either as marketing executive, product manager, sales manager, or chief editor of a trade magazine. Unlike technical journalists, they master the technology and its applications plus they are highly talented in writing appealing texts. This dramatically simplifies and accelerates the briefing and review process for all sides. Based on such text content and adequate image material, our internationally awarded designer creates impressive collateral like brochures, flyers, data sheets, trade show roll-ups, posters, or catalogs in your Corporate Design.

Video is the king of content – no other content type gets this much of attention online. Creating impressive videos does not have to cost a fortune. Just look at our sample video for Machine Vision application areas providing an overview of machine vision application areas that was compiled in as little as 8 hours and uses only footage with zero royalty fees. With little effort, much more sophisticated videos can be created out of Powerpoint presentations and photos or graphics to promote your latest product, case study, etc. Also, such footage is a great eye-catcher for your trade show booth and much easier to build, ship, and set-up than live-demos.

Thanks to our single-point-of-contact policy, you are all covered: Our consultants for design layouts, SEO, social media, and performance reporting have been supporting our customers since several years and all coordinated by your primary contact.

Your Benefits

  • Minimal need for briefing and review – We quickly understand your technologies, products, their selling points, and target applications.
  • Strong output – The Vision Markets Network of experts, features six well available copywriters to make sure you always have as much content as you need.
  • Multi-lingual – With native English and German speakers in our team, most content is generally created in both languages. Translations in further languages like Chinese are also provided on request.
  • Cost-effective – Get your article written and laid out for the price of a 1/3-page print ad in any trade magazine and publish it on your website, social media, email newsletter, and trade media

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