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More Sales

The global Machine Vision sales revenue has been booming year over year from 2008 to 2018 with a small dip in 2019. The growing need for manufacturing automation in automotive, electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, packaging was the major driver. Trends like Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things rely on imaging as the key enabling technology. But also in logistics, farming, energy, life sciences, and green technologies, there is no advancement without machine vision.

For Machine Vision SMEs, the market potential is not the limiting factor of growth in most cases. Their success in Sales is rather a result of the right strategies in lead generation as well as the selection, management, and education of sales channels.

We are happy to define and implement the right go-to-market and sales strategies for your offerings.

Step 1: Brand Building

Goals More Sales Brand Building Machine Vision Consulting

People do business with people who believe what they believe.

Simon Sinek

Sales success starts with the deep trust of your customers into you as their potential new supplier. Especially in a mission-critical business like Machine Vision.

Now, trust evolves by making one’s signature mission, vision, and values transparent and communicating them with clarity, consistency, and repetition. All your customers’ possible touch-points with your company need to transport a consistent message in language, content, and design. This covers your website, social media profiles, email newsletters, press releases, digital ads, print ads, etc..

The Vision Markets team is happy to make this our responsibility. Beyond, thanks to our technical expertise and market insights, we produce attention-grabbing marketing content of value for your target audiences.

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Step 2: Lead Generation

Goals More Sales Lead Generation Machine Vision Consulting

Marketing communication serves multiple purposes. Primarily, these are branding, employer branding, and customer loyalty. The most countable effect and purpose of marketing communications is the generation of inquiries (aka leads) from potential new customers (aka prospects).

There are multiple channels where you can grab your prospects’ attention, show the customer benefit you have to offer, and make your targets contact you:

With our services, we ensure that all your channels are optimized for converting recipients of your marketing content into leads. Hence, the team of copywriters in the Vision Markets Experts’ Network produces text, graphics, and video content that highlights your customers’ benefits while being educational – and thus valuable – for your audience.

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Step 3: Sales Channels

Goals More Sales channels Machine Vision Consulting

In Machine Vision, most sales revenue is generated by in-house sales teams (direct sales) of OEMs and system integrators. Depending on the type of the offering and the market access, external sales channels might be more effective, though, such as distributors, system integrators, or affiliate partners (indirect sales).

We are experts in identifying the most effective type of sales channel (direct vs. indirect) as part of your go-to-market strategy. With our dense industry network in North America, Europe, China, and Japan, we will propose, audit, and select the best re-sellers. Once channels are set up, we offer our first-hand experience in distribution channel management to ensure optimal results both, short- and long-term.

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Vision Markets is the PR-Agency that is fully dedicated to the global Machine Vision market. We provide you with all you need to free your internal resources but grow your business by building your brand and generating valuable sales leads.

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