Marketing Communications

If they knew what you can do…

The business of many companies in Machine Vision is limited to a certain region or industry, where the company historically and opportunistically built its footprint. Yet, the very same offerings that are successful in one market would likely be attractive to numerous more customers in other target markets.

Do you feel this applies also to your business? Or do you think you could grow your business even further in your existing markets? If they just knew, what you can do… We can make sure that the message about your products and services is created properly and well received by the intended audience.

Vision Markets is the PR-Agency that is fully dedicated to the global Machine Vision market. We provide you with all you need to free your internal resources but grow your business by building your brand and generating valuable sales leads.

Why choosing Vision Markets as your partner in Marketing Communications

  • Flexible service toolbox – Depending on your internal structures, you can fill any gap with us, from strategy consulting, campaign development, content writing, design of collaterals, content distribution, to performance reporting
  • Full service spectrum – You can keep focused on R&D, Sales, and Operations if you want to. Your Marketing Communications will be taken best care of by Vision Markets
  • Minimal effort for you – Tired of explaining to external consultants what you do and what you want to achieve? We know the market, we know the technology. Let’s get to work right away.

Digital and Print Advertisement

Unlike marketing content and SEO - advertisements have little long-term benefit. Thus, ad spending need to be well considered. Let's make sure, you get the most out of your expenses on Google, Social Media, or the right trade media channels depending on your marketing goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"There is no better place to hide a dead body than on the second page of Google"... Yet, SEO in niche B2B markets like Machine Vision is a whole different subject than B2C. Let's make sure you get the most out for your website and digital marketing investments.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media are ubiquitous, also in B2B. They are one of the most effective marketing channels to build your brand, generate leads, and to strengthen your customers' and employees' loyalty.

Distribution of Marketing Content

50% of success in Content Marketing lies in the creation of good content, 50% in its optimal distribution. We know how to get the maximum out of every channel, most of them being free of charge.

Creation of Marketing Content

"Content is King" - Let's get your marketing content created by Machine Vision experts tailored to your business goals and your target customer groups. Our copywriters create your content with just minimal involvement of your internal resources so you can focus on the leads the content generates.

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