Recruitment of Candidates for Machine Vision

Recruitment of Candidates for Machine Vision

At Vision Markets, we believe in the power of Machine Vision as key innovation driver of the 21st century. The positive development of this market continuously calls for smart, talented, and dynamic people. Vision Markets brings together outstanding talents with thriving companies.

To Thrive or not to Thrive? A Question of the Right People!

How many high-profile CVs do you receive on your job offers? What is your success rate in hiring the best talents? Does the lack of Machine Vision experts in R&D, marketing, sales, or technical customer support prevent your company from growing?

Machine Vision is a highly versatile technology and the market is still relatively small. Thus, finding the candidates with a background in Machine Vision or related areas is a big challenge.

Have you ever witnessed how excellent specialists, managers, and leaders make the difference in the success of a company? Being able to hire high-profile candidates shall be the #1 goal as it differentiates top players from medium or low performing companies in the mid and long-term.

Your Pathway to Machine Vision Talents

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of the best players in the global Machine Vision market. Thus, we let our clients in recruitment consulting benefit from our international network of engineers, marketers, and sales professionals in high-tech industries.

Top candidates are not actively looking for new job opportunities. At times, they are open for suggestions, however. As part of our free Career Consulting offering, the coaches of the Vision Markets Network support outstanding talents, professionals, and executives with the planning and implementation of their next career step.

Our recruitment consulting team has a profound track record in Machine Vision and other high-tech industries. Based on that, we thoroughly examine hard facts like technical competence, industry know-how, and methodological skills of our candidates. A perfect match, however, is defined by the corporate culture of an employer and the complementing personality of a candidate.

Thus, before presenting a candidate to you, we ensure we see an appropriate match between both sides, your company culture and his or her personality, including motivational drivers and values.

Contact us now and let us understand your needs so we can save your time and present only well-matching candidates to you.

As with all services of Vision Markets we apply our “value first”-principle. We do not ask for remuneration until we have provided you with the right candidate and he or she has signed up with your company.

Save Time & Keep Control – by Outsourcing your Recruitment

Finding the best candidates for your company is a top management priority. Yet, all the work behind does not have to be on your shoulders. Vision Markets is offering SMEs in Machine Vision to outsource their recruitment activities. In such assignments, Vision Markets takes care of:

  1. Building your employer brand through content marketing and social media marketing
  2. Writing and designing your job offerings so they attract the right candidates (under your brand or under Vision Markets to preserve your anonymity)
  3. Publishing your job offerings through free-of-charge channels and paid ads
  4. Presenting your job offerings to adequate candidates in our global network
  5. Receiving and screening applicants’ CVs
  6. Holding first-round interviews with applicants
  7. Managing the subsequent recruitment process and supporting the acquisition of a candidate until closure

Making candidates happy and companies thrive is not our job, it is our passion. The focus of our work is on people, so we attach great importance to personal contact, on the client side as well as on the candidate side.

Your Benefits from Working with Vision Markets

  • Efficiency: As specialists in recruitment in Machine Vision, we very quickly understand your market, your challenges, the requirements on different roles in Sales, Marketing, and Engineering. Plus, we likely already have an idea about your company and its culture.
  • Access to talents: With our global network in Machine Vision and high-tech industries, we present your vacancies to candidates you did not think of or even know.
  • Confidentiality: New job vacancies often disclose strategic moves of a company. With us, you can remain in the background as long as possible and still get full or more attraction with candidates.

Do you want to be considered in the career planning of candidates from Machine Vision or related industries?
Or do you want to outsource the tedious part of your recruitment?

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