Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is no better place to hide a dead body than on the second page of Google.

What is it worth to develop all those outstanding products and create all that fancy marketing content if it is not found on Google? Prospects who are that advanced in their buying process that they have realized their demand and started to search for things you have to offer obviously have a much higher probability to become customers soon.

SEO in Machine Vision ≠ SEO in B2C

In B2C, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most researched and performed disciplines in marketing communications, correspondingly you can find tons of SEO agencies. Many are great to make a website of a barbershop rank high in a certain area, the best of them can bring a new bio lemonade on page one in several countries. However, in a high-tech B2B area like Machine Vision, the approaches of traditional SEO do not lead to success.

When performing the Search Engine Optimization for technical offerings in B2B, it is vitally important to fully understand the offering, the competitors, and the target customers with their perspective.

At first, SEO fundamentals need to be covered, such as the right navigation structure, page speed, desktop and mobile layout, performance hosting, etc.. Hence, the Vision Markets SEO team adds its expertise. We identify the winning keywords for your offerings at your target customers and optimize the website content accordingly. With our large media network as well as sound creativity, we generate backlinks with high authority from external sources.

SEO is a Process… that Needs Continuous Monitoring

SEO is not a project that has a deadline and is accomplished at some point in time. SEO is a process. Optimizations on your websites can take weeks to months before you see the effect on your ranking. Your competition is optimizing their websites and you need to react. You will be addressing new markets where you need to optimize your content for.

Your business is growing, your portfolio is changing and maybe diversifying. Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithms. With all these changes the monthly performance reporting on your website health, traffic, domain authority, and search engine ranks (SERP) ensure the continuous improvement of your website, your traffic, and finally the lead generation.

Your Benefits from Working with Vision Markets

  • SEO expertise – The Vision Markets Network holds web developers, experienced SEO consultants making sure that your website is perfectly set up to rank high.
  • Machine Vision market know-how – We understand your offerings, we know your target customers and their perspective. This is the necessary basis to successfully optimize your content and develop high-rated backlinks.
  • Long-term partnership – We accompany and guide you through the process of SEO with our monthly analyses, and derived optimization measures, ideally in combination with your Sales team to also optimize the quality of incoming leads.

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Today SEO works with good content only! Content makes prospects aware of your offerings, content creates trust in your capabilities, content inspires customers to get in touch with you – content is the start of your Business Development.

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50% of success in Content Marketing lies in the creation of good content, 50% in its optimal distribution. We know how to get the maximum out of every channel, most of them being free of charge.

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