Organization & IT Consulting

Organization & IT Consulting

How well is your company prepared to carry out your business model?

Are your processes designed to ensure focus on value generation?

What are you getting in return for IT spending?

Is your support organization cost-effective? Does it make your life easier or more difficult?

Those and other important questions are better answered with a clear concept in mind that ensures you can focus on the value stream of your company.

Organization and IT is a growing segment of the Machine Vision consultants of the Vision Markets Network.

Here is an excerpt of our work in management consulting:

  • Quantitative Organization Study (spot-check) on an organization working in the high-end camera industry
    Analysis of current business model and ways of working as well as IT systems. The results were benchmarked with industry standards and trends.
  • Organization Trends in Machine Vision, Surveillance, and Mobile Phone Markets
    Quantitative performance report on the organizational drivers and inhibitors for success inside the organization as well as industry trends that will be state-of-the-art in the future.
  • IT study and project implementation
    Support system study and design of transformation projects towards the digital company. Use of existing processes to shape a coherent view of organization, processes, and IT.
    • Suggestion of IT system improvement activities and proposal of implementation projects.
    • Step-wise Implementation according to customers’ decision making processes.
    • Monitoring of success and transparency inside the organization.
  • Transformation inside an organization
    Include all stakeholders in the transformation process of the organization. Workshops, individual coaching of managers. Transformation of the way of working for the IT department to change into a service-oriented supporter of the business model.
  • Built-in IT security
    Implement IT security aspects into ways of working of an organization. Process adaption, setup of regular checks and measures to ensure the safety of data and business capabilities from ransom and spy attacks.

Project Outline

Step 1: Spot-check – Analyzing the status quo

During the spot-check, we analyze your company’s way of working. This includes understanding your core business model where we use our industry experts to benchmark your business model. We analyze your support organization, a unified approach including personnel, processes as well as IT systems and tools are applied. The outcome is a map of how you conduct your business today with clear insides for areas of improvement.

Step 2: Operating and support model

In the second phase, we derive the optimal support organization, processes, and IT systems from our industry-specific knowledge base. This vision provides an ideal case of how your organization could be operating. We derive a target operating model, organization setup, and IT infrastructure landscape including tools. This, we compare in each category to your organization spot-check of step 1.

The results of this phase are reported back to you in the form of specific suggestions for improvement projects so you can decide which route you wish to proceed on for your organization.

Step 3: Implementation

In step 3, we TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the concepts and projects we proposed to you. Our consultants will ensure that the transformation projects are implemented successfully in your organization. Experts from various disciplines will work together so that the change in your organization runs smoothly. On this journey, you are in control every step of the way making the decisions to shape your organization: transparency is key!

Your Benefits

  • Broad spectrum – There is at least one technology expert for almost every subject in the Vision Market Network, from wafer-level semiconductors to camera connectivity, from optics to machine vision algorithms. This knowledge of your field is supported by experts on organization, IT, and transformation.
  • Profound results – Based on the high expertise of our consultants and our internal knowledge base, we can make sure that your analyses are based on the best information available.
  • Efficiency – Over the last 5 years, Vision Markets conducted over a dozen of market studies. From quantitative forecasts of global market sizes to in-depth technology analyses and from Machine Vision over Security applications to Automotive Vision. It would be our pleasure to have you benefit from the gathered knowledge.

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