The Top-3 Brands of Machine Vision Component OEMs per 5 Categories

The Top-3 Brands of Machine Vision Component OEMs per 5 Categories

Vision Markets is continuously studying the machine vision market, especially the market positioning and marketing communication activities of the key players.

The US-based trade media channel Vision Systems Design is regularly polling the brand recognition of OEMs among target customers of machine vision components. We have extracted the top 3 brands of each of the following categories from their latest poll:

Machine Vision Cameras

Optics and Lenses

Frame Grabbers

Machine Vision Lighting

Machine Vision Software

Due to the doubled appearances of Teledyne Dalsa and Matrox Imaging, this creates a list of the top 13 brands of the global Machine Vision component market.

The market intelligence team of the Vision Markets Network is constantly screening the activities of these players. For our VisionLytics community, we regularly prepare and share dedicated reports on the matter. Here we analyze e.g. the utilized website technologies and the performance in SEO, website metrics, and social media of the above top-13 brands of machine vision Component OEMs.

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