Ambienta acquires 1st Vision

Ambienta acquires 1st Vision

Ambienta, a European private equity fund for sustainability, acquired 100% from 1st Vision, as it is a relevant company in the distribution of image processing systems and other imaging products, especially in the North American market.

With this transaction, 1st Vision becomes part of the Next Imaging platform, a project that the Ambienta fund launched in December 2018 after the acquisition of Image S, a group that sells artificial vision and imaging products in Italy and Europe.

The image processing systems, the press release states, “represent a key component of industry 4.0. in regards to sustainability Ambienta is looking for, since they enable better use of resources, increases the efficiency of the production process with a resulting reduction in waste, and optimization of the use of materials”.

In this context, in 2019 Next Imaging contributed to reducing food waste by approximately 14,400 tons, equivalent to the annual food consumption of approximately 28,000 people

Therefore, the acquisition of 1st Vision part of Next Imaging’s strategic plan, with which Next Imaging can enter the North American market and become a key player on an international level.

Ambienta acquired 1st Vision directly from the founders, and simultaneously, Mike Troiano, a manager with consolidated international business experience and vision systems expert, was appointed CEO of the company.


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