8 Tricks to Increase the Effect of your Press Releases in Machine Vision

8 Tricks to Increase the Effect of your Press Releases in Machine Vision

A crucial element of content marketing is the distribution of the content. Trade media channels in Machine Vision and its application areas are generally welcoming press releases regarding your new products, company news or the release of educational content like white papers. Thus, press releases are a highly efficient way to get your content noticed plus it is likely the fastest generator of high-quality backlinks for your SEO.

But how do you get the editors’ attention so that they share your message with their (and your) target audience?

Editors are receiving tons of content every day. Their key challenge is to efficiently identify news mailings which are truely relevant for their readers.

Therefore, your press release needs to show immediately the relevance for the particular media channel. In addition, the form and style of how it is submitted can make a big difference.

So, what form and style do editors of trade media expect?

We have asked them and here is the summary:

  1. Keep the header as short and precise as possible
  2. Include an excerpt in your email text so the editors can see the relevance at first sight.
  3. Attach the press release as an MS-Word file (.docx)
  4. Mention the number of words and characters of the full press text
  5. Include a direct link to a high-resolution image for download. Do not embed images in the text file!   
  6. Send one matter per each email only, in case of several product-news preferably send multiple emails.
  7. Do not send ZIP files that the editor needs to rummage through to find the relevant information.
  8. Always give an option to unsubscribe from you press list

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