SEO update: The top 10 frame grabber brands in Q4/2023

SEO update: The top 10 frame grabber brands in Q4/2023

The Q4/2023 update of our Search Engine Ranking Position Report for CoaXPress frame grabbers shows a relatively stable ranking of all top players, but also one drop-off and one interesting newcomer.

At Vision Markets, we monitor the performance of our clients in organic searches for their target keywords and compare them with their competitors. The search engine ranking position (SERP) is a good indicator of the strength of a brand in a specific market segment.

For frame grabbers, we found that the keyword “frame grabber” alone is not specific enough for relevant results in the camera interface cards market, because it this phrase is also used to refer to other products such as software tools or mobile apps capturing single frames in a video stream.

Therefore, in this report, we selected the keyword “CoaXPress frame grabber” to identify top frame grabber brands but the results may be different with other interfaces.


The chart above shows the organic search results for the keyword “CoaXPress frame grabber” in in the US. They may not reflect results in other countries or Google’s personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This reports only gives a general indication of the search engine power of websites and brands for this specific keyword.

Top 5 players remain stable

In Q4/2023, the five top-ranking domains remain the same as in the previous quarter with slight fluctuations: Euresys is a steady #1 and even succeeded to rank two pages on top of the chart in November. Kaya Instruments loses a bit of ground vs. Bitflow, Active Silicon, and Zebra in Q4, but these small fluctuations should probably not be overinterpreted. In December, Kaya even ranked two pages in the top 10 on ranks 5 and 7.

Gidel replaces Teledyne Dalsa

In the second half of the chart, the players remain more or less the same, with distributors like Graftek, RMA Electronics or Pyramid Imaging. Adimec entered the top 10 in October, but did not confirm this performance in November and December.

One notable trend is the replacement of Teledyne Dalsa with newcomer Gidel. Dalsa left the chart in November while Gidel entered at rank 10, but unlike Adimec, the Israeli frame grabber specialist was able to confirm in December, gaining one step at rank 9.

Will the trend carry on in 2024?

Will Gidel be able to maintain or even improve its position in the top 10? Will Teledyne Dalsa celebrate a come-back? Stay tuned and register to our newsletter for our quarterly updates of this and other SEO reports!

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