SEO update: The top 10 machine vision camera brands in Q4/2023

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision camera brands in Q4/2023

The Q4/2024 update of Vision Markets’ SERP report shows a stable domination of the top players but also a few surprises in December. Contact us if you want custom reports on your performance and that of your competitors!

While there are some fluctuations from month to month, the search engine rankings for the keyword “machine vision camera” remains clearly dominated by the same top players: Teledyne Flir, Allied Vision, Edmund Optics and Omron. Teledyne Flir even strengthened its position in Q4/2023 by ranking two different pages in the top 10 in November and December.

Lucid Vision Labs still performs very well and Keyence and Zebra remain solid players in the second half of the top 10.


The chart above shows the organic search results for the keyword “machine vision camera” in in the US. They may not reflect results in other countries or Google’s personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This reports only gives a general indication of the search engine power of websites and brands for this specific keyword.

What’s new in Q4/2023?

Phantom had been a bit of a surprise in this top 10 in Q3. Unfortunately, the company left the top chart in Q4, along with Teledyne Dalsa and Baumer.

On the other hand, Get Cameras (, a European reseller of Daheng Imaging, entered the top 10 and even reached rank 6 in November – but left again in December. It will be interesting to monitor if this was just a flash in the pan or the beginning of a long-term trend. Another newcomer is OpenMV, a young embedded vision company from Georgia (USA) that made it to rank 5 in December. This is a quite impressive result but needs to be confirmed as a trend in months to come.

We had been missing two major camera vendors in our last report: Cognex and Basler. Cognex appeared in our top 10 for the first time in December, and we’ll be curious to see if they can sustain this performance in Q1/2024. Basler still ranks further down in search results for the “machine vision camera” keyword. This might be related to the recent relaunch of their website, or with a strategy to focus on more specific, so-called long-tail keywords (e.g. “machine vision camera with IMX174 sensor”), one of the surprises of our last report, left the chart in December but this might be just a one-time drop. We’ll see if they celebrate a come-back in Q1/2024.

What will be the trend in 2024?

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