SEO update: The top 10 machine vision light brands in Q1/2024

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision light brands in Q1/2024

In Q1/2024, Vision Markets’ Search Engine Ranking Position report shows a fall of NI on the keyword “machine vision light”, while TPL-Vision enters the top 10 chart.

Vision Markets’ SERP report (Search Engine Ranking Position) provides a good indication of the top brand in each segment of the machine vision industry. The ranking position not only reflects the quality of a website’s search engine optimization (SEO), but also the authority of the domain, based on the amount and quality of links directing to that website.

For the keyword “machine vision light”, the top 3 has been relatively stable in the last months, with Smart Vision Lights, Cognex and Advanced Illumination competing for the top steps of the podium.


The chart above shows the organic search results for the keyword “machine vision light” in in the US. They may not reflect results in other countries or Google’s personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This reports only gives a general indication of the search engine power of websites and brands for this specific keyword.

The fall of NI

In Q1/2024, the most spectacular changes are in the lower end of the top 10 with the fall of NI. closed the year 2023 in rank 4 and only achieved ranks 8 to 10 in Q1. Symmetrically, Banner Engineering improved its rankings in Q1 compared to last year. After a peak at rank 4 in January, the trend goes downwards so it will be interesting to observe if the domain can stabilize in the middle or upper half of the chart or fall back to last year’s lower rankings.

Another interesting news in Q1/2024 is the appearance of TPL Vision on rank 7 in January and February. Was it a one-time peak or will the French Wenglor-company be back in the chart in Q2?

The online shop entered the top 10 in February but disappeared again in March. We will monitor if this was an accident in the next quarter. Subscribe to our newsletter for free updates of our SERP reports!

Overall, we see a larger volatility in the lower end of the top 10: Emund Optics, and Smart Vision Lights ranked a second page of their website in the top 10 at the cost of other players like NI or Opto-Engineering, who dropped off the chart.

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