SEO update: The top 10 machine vision lens brands in Q1/2024

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision lens brands in Q1/2024

Vision Market’s Q1/2024 Search Engine Ranking Position update for the keyword “machine vision lens” confirms the progression of Kowa. Navitar and Schneider-Kreuznach enter the top 10.

The search engine ranking position (SERP) is a good indicator of the top brands and domains for a given keyword. This is why we at Vision Markets us this as a KPI for the marketing performance of our clients, comparing them with their target competitors. We generate reports for a list of keywords specifically tailored to our clients’ market positioning.

General keywords like “machine vision camera” or “machine vision lens” provide a high-level indication of the top players in the key segments of the machine vision industry.

SERP report machine vision lens Q1/2024


The chart above shows the organic search results for the keyword “machine vision lens” in in the US. They may not reflect results in other countries or Google’s personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This reports only gives a general indication of the search engine power of websites and brands for this specific keyword.

Kowa on the rise

The top half of our chart remains dominated by Edmund Optics, Thorlabs, Tamron, and Opto Engineering.

The more interesting changes happen in the ranks 6 to 10: in our Q4/2023 machine vision lens report, we had noted a strong progression of The domain had barely been in the top 10 in Q3 and closed the year on rank 6. Q1/2024 confirms that upward trend. It is interesting to observe that Kowa performs with, a website dedicated to machine vision lenses managed by Kowa’s EMEA sales organization, not with the corporate domain The same is true for Tamron:, a machine vision website, appears on the chart, not

Dedicated websites for a target market increase the relevance of the content for specific keywords as opposed to a global domain that may include totally different products like consumer lenses. Fujifilm is a counterexample: the corporate domain performs well on the keyword “machine vision lens”. This proves that both strategies can be successful if done properly.

Kowa’s progressions comes at the cost of Moritex and Computar. Both dropped off the chart in Q1/2024. Navitar appeared in February and March. It will be interesting to monitor if the domain is in the top 10 to stay. The same applies to sporadic apparitions like Schneider-Kreuznach in January, Excelitas in February, and Cognex in March. Be sure to subscribe to our marketing newsletter for regular updates per e-mail!

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