SEO update: The top 10 machine vision lens brands in Q4/2023

SEO update: The top 10 machine vision lens brands in Q4/2023

At Vision Markets, we constantly monitor the search-engine ranking positions (SERP) of our clients for their target keywords. This gives us insights on the top-performing brands in each product category of the industry. For the keyword “machine vision lens”, our Q4/2023 report shows the surge of one specific brand that was not even in the top 10 back in August 2023.

Like for the “machine vision camera” keyword, the ranking positions showed some fluctuation in Q4/2024 but the top players remained stable, with Edmund Optics, Thorlabs and Tamron leading the charts.


The chart above shows the organic search results for the keyword “machine vision lens” in in the US. They may not reflect results in other countries or Google’s personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This reports only gives a general indication of the search engine power of websites and brands for this specific keyword.

Strong position of Edmund Optics

In Q3, we had been surprised to see Edmund Optics ranking with both their corporate domain and their Indian domain This is no longer the case in Q4, the corporate .com domain is still #1, and also ranks #3 and #4 with other landing pages. Tamron shows a good progression in Q4, overtaking Opto Engineering.

The surge of Kowa

The more interesting trend happens in the second half of the chart: shows a strong and steady growth from month to month. The domain had only appeared on rank 10 for the first time in September 2023 and ends the year on rank 6. This is an impressive performance, and it will be interesting to monitor if the Japanese brand can continue on this trend and enter the top 5.

Interestingly, the domain is not the global corporate website of Kowa. is the website of Kowa’s European sales organization for industrial and scientific optics. We had already noted a similar pattern with in Q3/2023. This is probably because these websites are more specialized in the machine vision segment than their global parent companies’ that cover other business areas such as consumer lenses. As a result, their performance for machine vision keywords is better, even outside of their target market (our test simulates a search on from a US location).

What will be the trend in 2024?

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