SEO: What are the best-ranking frame grabber brands?

SEO: What are the best-ranking frame grabber brands?

At Vision Markets, we monitor the search engine performance of machine vision keywords as an indicator of the strength of vendors’ brand. “Frame grabber” is an interesting case. Taken alone, this keywords generates mainly results that have nothing to do with machine vison or an interface board. Instead, vendors of software products for video editing or appear in the top search results. Using the more specific keyword “machine vision frame grabber”, the results are more relevant to the industry. However, many of the top-ranking pages are not from vendors of frame grabbers but rather general knowledge pages from industry associations like A3 or publications like Vision Systems Design.

In order to evaluate the power of frame grabber vendor brands, it is necessary to narrow the search even down with a long-tail keyword such as “CoaXPress frame grabber” or “Camera Link frame grabber” that specifically characterizes a product.

The chart above shows the top ten Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP) as measured for a generic search for “CoaXPress frame grabber” using in the United States. Each individual Google user may see slightly different results depending on their location, language settings and search or browsing history. However, this generic simulation gives a good indication of which brands have the strongest audience for this keyword.

Expected results

The chart shows little surprises, with all major frame grabber manufacturers ranking in the top 10: Euresys, Bitflow, Kaya Instruments, Active Silicon, Zebra or Teledyne Dalsa. However, some major players like Basler are not in the top 10. We also see little fluctuation in the rankings over the three months of Q3/2023 with Euresys, Bitflow, Kaya Instruments, and Active Silicon building a steady top-4. Notably, some distributors and resellers also make it into the top 10 (Graftek, RMA Electronics, Pyramid Imaging,, but they all rank below the actual frame grabber manufacturers.

Our SERP reports for “machine vision camera” or “machine vision lens” showed more unexpected results and fluctuation. However, “CoaXPress frame grabber” is a more specific keyword, which explains why it leaves less room for surprises. This can be an inspiration for marketeers in the machine vision field. Depending on your offering, targeting specific, long-tail keywords can be a winning strategy. For example, if you are specialized in frame grabbers with a specific interface like CoaXPress, focus on that keyword to be sure to rank high on this search rather than trying to attract anyone searching for frame grabbers, even with those interfaces you don’t offer.

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